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This blog series highlights recent partnerships between Quebec Solar and visionary local businesses that have gone solar. Will your company be the next to benefit? Contact us today.

Businesses of every size are turning to solar solutions to meet their soaring energy needs and expenses, help them offset carbon gas emissions and visibly showcase their eco-conscious values.

Since 2015, #1 industry leader Quebec Solar remains the most trusted partner for businesses going solar. When it comes to the commercial design and installation of photovoltaic solar systems, Quebec Solar has built more projects, of greater scale and versatility, for more important and exclusive companies than any other industry player in the market. It is THE reference in Quebec for businesses moving toward green energy and energy independence.

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Solar car port Volvo

The client

Located on the South shore of Montreal, Park Avenue Volvo Brossard is a state-of-the-art car dealership that showcases new and certified pre-owned Volvo vehicles, sells parts and accessories, and houses a service center for after-sale services.

The mandate

The Volvo dealership contacted us to design and install a small-sized solar canopy (also known as a solar carport) to provide weather protection and energy production for a 4-vehicle EV charging station adjoining the main showroom building.  

One of the fastest growing trends in solar technology, solar carports are covered parking areas that use tilted solar panels as roofing. In terms of design, it is essentially a ground-mounted system in which the solar panels are lifted off the ground to provide clearance for parked vehicles.

The system specs

Park AvenueVolvo Brossard’s solar carport system features 25 solar panels installed 110 inches above ground at a 5* angle, and a 3-phase inverter of 15kW. The solar panels, of a capacity of 480W each, are connected to an electrical panel that distributes energy to four EV charging stations located below, or other energy loads, as needed. In ideal conditions, this solar carport can produce 12 kW of power.

Positive outcomes and benefits

In addition to generating affordable and renewable electricity, solar carports also provide protection from the elements. Thanks to its canopy system, the solar carport system provides shade from the sun as well as protection from inclement weather such as rain, sleet and snow. The carport’s design also means easier parking maintenance, as the structures can be built to channel rain or snow away from parked vehicles and the ground surface below. This in turn may reduce the cost of maintaining the parking lot.

Another benefit of solar carports is that they allow businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Generating power from solar panels is a great way to offset carbon gas emissions and increase credibility as a green, eco-responsible company. Studies show a sustainable business can foster an environment of high engagement and morale in employees and appear more attractive to investors and consumers alike.

Visible from the main showroom, the solar carport is therefore a beautiful opportunity to showcase Volvo’s dedication to making a difference and taking the lead in an industry that historically hasn’t been the most environmentally friendly. As the carport covers a 4-vehicle EV charging station, this installation now allows Volvo to charge its own fleet of hybrid vehicles, as well as the electric vehicles of clients and guests – directly from the power of the sun. A true testimony to greener tomorrows.

Good to know

The 2023 Budget introduced a refundable 30% tax credit on the capital cost of investments made by taxable entities in photovoltaic solar technologies. These tax credits may be combined like other incentives such as accelerated Capital Cost Allowance to total savings of 49%.

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