Our Process

Our Process

It has never been easier to harness affordable, clean renewable energy as it is right now. We manage every aspect of your solar installation and keep you informed throughout the whole process. With these 5 steps we will get you started!

1Personal consultation and property assesment.
We start by getting to know what inspired you to explore solar power and what you wish to achieve from sustainable energy solutions. Its very important for our partnership that we discover what you know about this type of investment so that we can best manage expectations surrounding the benefits of solar power.

Our professional site surveyor will:

- Analyze the solar energy potential of your site

- Check for seasonal shading and potential obstructions

- Inspect electrical for grid-tie compatibility

- Inspect the site’s structural state to ensure requirements are met for obtaining a building permit

- Gather all necessary information to create your site specific Feasibility Study.

2Feasibility study.

We cant predict the weather stability for future decades to come, however we can produce detailed forecasts based on two decades of data from Environment Canada and do our part to help reduce or slow global warming.

The Feasibility Study includes:

- Professional On-Site Inspection Analysis

- Roof Measurements

- System Sizing

- Weight Load Analysis

- Shade Analysis

- Inspection of Electrical System and Meter

- Financial Analysis, Costing, Financing Options.

3System design.
After your Site Assessment and Feasibility Study are complete, we will use the information gathered to create a site specific design which optimizes the performance and appearance of your unique solar panel array project. We believe theres no point in taking part in a sustainable future, if the solution and materials used dont meet the standards and quality necessary to operate reliably and efficiently for decades to come.
4 Installation.

Once the Site Assessment, Feasibility Study and System Design are complete we will finalize all necessary permits and applications on your behalf to ensure a safe and expedient connection to your local electrical grid.

Our professional installation crew will come to your home to put our drawings into place.

We are aware that your home is not a construction zone, and will be sensitive to your needs as a homeowner. We keep our areas neat and tidy during the entire solar installation process and strive to be as small of a disturbance as possible to your daily schedule.

We understand our reputation rides on the perfection of our installs and client satisfaction and that is why we strive for perfection on every solar array installation.

5Customer Care.
All Quebec Solar installations carry a two year labor warranty on all craftsmanship. All installed components have manufacturer's warranty which varies from five to twenty five years to provide confidence, reliability, peace of mind.

We believe that solar power is the future and the future is now.