Indoor Battery Backup Generator for Pharmacy and Laboratory

Medical Generator for Refrigerators and Lab Equipment.

The Quebec Solar Emergency Backup Power System is a robust battery powered indoor generator that provides automatic backup power during an electrical failure. The indoor generator provides backup power for -86°C Ultra-Low temperature freezers, pharmacy vaccine refrigerators, chromatography refrigerators and all types of 120V and 240V lab equipment.

The Quebec Solar Indoor Battery Backup Generator will be installed in proximity to the electrical panel with a critical loads sub panel. When a power failure occurs, the pharmacy and laboratory generator will automatically provide power to your equipment. Once the utility power has been restored, the Lab generator will automatically resume charging. No permits are necessary.

The laboratory and pharmacy battery generator can be connected directly to your critical loads breaker box. The indoor battery generator is silent. It includes a monitor that displays the systems charge, voltage, power reserves and fault conditions. All pharmacy and laboratory battery generators include a system control Panel that conveys real time faults and warnings via app. The pharmacy and laboratory battery generator feature a 10 year battery life without any maintenance. The pharmacy generator can be recharged with a 240 V current, solar panels or a portable generator. If solar panels are installed with the system, you will be creating savings all year long. It will also demonstrate your commitment towards a greener future!

The laboratory and pharmacy battery generator can be installed directly to your critical loads breaker box. This installation option eliminates the need for extension cords between the medical generator and your lab equipment. Our master electrician will create a sub panel (critical loads panel) that includes the outlets to be powered during an electrical failure. For example, the outlet that powers the refrigerator can be included in your sub-panel. Therefore, the refrigerator does not have to be moved to access the cord or outlet. The laboratory and pharmacy generator can connect directly to the sub panel and automatically transfer the stored battery power to your lab equipment when a utility power failure occurs.

Regardless of your specialty, the Laboratory and Pharmacy Battery Generator is perfect for protecting your valuables day or night.

Battery Powered Indoor Generator for Labs and Pharmacy:

Quebec Solar Pharmacy and Laboratory Battery Generators:

  • Inventory loss prevention
  • Security systems remains powered
  • One day installation
  • Automatic Start
  • Gas-Free
  • No emissions
  • Safe for Indoors
  • Silent Operation
  • No Permits Required
  • Eco-friendly Renewable Energy Source
  • No Maintenance

How much backup power is needed for a pharmacy and laboratory refrigerator?

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