Solar Battery Sizing Calculator

What is a solar battery sizing calculator?

This online tool is designed to help calculate a battery system size in kWh. For a backup battery (hybrid system) or for off-grid applications. If you require a system without batteries, please fill out this form. Please note; if you wish to design a full system including the solar panels, contact us directly using this form or call us at 514.836.9876

How to use a solar battery load calculator?

The most accurate way is to manually input your particular appliances, including Wattage and time of use. Alternatively you can use appliances provided below.
Example: 3 x 100 watt incandescent bulb x 4 hours/day = 1200 Total Max Watt-Hours/Day. Therefore 1200 W=1.2 kWh a day of battery storage would be required.
You can forward the results to your email for later use by using the form below. If you wish to be contacted to receive a quote, tick (I would like to be contacted by Quebec Solar Team field) or call us directly at 514.836.9876

* Please note this tool is optimized for use with computer.
Appliance Quantity Watts Minutes On/Hour Hours On/Day Days On/Week Average Watt Hours/Day Max Watt Hours/Day
Total Average Watt-Hours/Day
Total Max Watt-Hours/Day     
Load Chart
Appliance Watts
1 hp well pump 1050
1/2 hp well pump 525
1/3 hp well pump 365
20″” LED flatscreen tv 25
30″” LED flatscreen tv 35
40″” LED flatscreen tv 45
40″” Plasma flatscreen tv 60
50″” LED flatscreen tv 60
50″” Plasma flatscreen tv 109
60″” LED flatscreen tv 75
60″” Plasma flatscreen tv 165
Air Conditioner (Central AC) 3500
Air Conditioner (Window Unit) 1500
Bulb 100 watt 100
Bulb 50 watt 50
Cable Modem or DSL 6
Ceiling fan 120
Clock radio 10
Clothes iron 1400
Clothes washer 425
Coffee maker 1050
Compact fluorescent bulb 25
Computer monitor 150
Dehumidifier 785
Dishwasher 1800
DVD/Blu Ray player 30
Electric blanket 80
Electric clothes dryer 3400
Electric kettle 1400
Electric water heater (40gal.) 5000
EV Car Charger 4000
Freezer (17 cubic ft.) 79
Game console (XBOX 360) 135
Hair dryer 1540
Heat pump small 2500
Home stereo 100
Hot plate 1200
House furnace blower fan 900
Laptop computer 50
Laser Printer 700
LED light 15
Microwave oven 1000
Natural gas clothes dryer 300
Personal computer 250
Portable heater 1250
Refrigerator (18 cubic ft.) 69
RV furnace blower fan 100
RV water pump 100
Satellite receiver or cable box 35
Smoke Detector 5
Toaster 1100
Toaster oven 1250
Vacuum cleaner 1220
Window fan 150

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