Net Metering Program

What is Net Metering Program?

The Net Metering program is designed to enable Quebec homeowners, farmers and businesses to send electricity generated from their solar energy system to the province’s electricity grid for a credit towards their hydro costs.

Any electricity your solar power system generate will result in a credit on your bill, which then can be utilized anytime over the next 24 months to cover or lower future energy bills.

During summer time when sunlight is more abundant, your solar panels may produce more electricity than you consume—the surplus can then be used to offset winter hydro bills in the future.

Investing in a solar power system now is a great way to reduce the effects of any future rate increases in hydro costs.

As the cost of electricity goes up—it has almost doubled in the past 10 years—Net Metering becomes more attractive. If you get rolling now, you may amortize the cost of your system in 12 to 15 years (depending on the size of the system). As hydro rates climb and remember Net Metering is a savings not a income and you don’t pay taxes on saving money.

Considering Net Metering on your rooftop? Quebec Solar will make it easy! We can design and install a system that is right for you and help you with the application process.

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Link to Net Metering Program offered by Hydro Quebec.

More in depth information on Net Metering Program can be found by clicking here (external link to Wikipedia will be opened in a new window).

Solar energy is simply the safe, efficient, and economical path forward!