Canada Greener Homes Grant – solar panel installation.

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July 1, 2020
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November 16, 2021

May 2024 update: “The Canada Greener Homes Grant is no longer accepting new applicants. Homeowners who are already participating are encouraged to proceed in a timely manner with their retrofits and will continue to be eligible for funding and support through the Canada Greener Homes portal.”

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The Canada Greener Homes Loan remains open. The loan is no longer combined with the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

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Solar panel installation prequalifies for this Canada Greener Homes Grant!  This unique opportunity allows Quebec Solar to aid in this development, working in collaboration with the Canadian federal government to essentially assist homeowners in realizing a solar efficient solution to maximize their energy saving potential.

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What’s available through the initiative?

Up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy efficient retrofits to their homes, such as solar panel installation. Eg. any installation bigger than 5kW (12-14 solar panels, depending on their size).

This initiative is time sensitive as it has already created wide interest, as the grant is limited to 700,000 applications.

In addition, EnerGuide evaluations (worth up to an extra $600) and expert advice to homeowners is included in order to obtain assistance in planning their retrofits.

This federal grant is non-taxable, therefore, a direct and clear benefit to the homeowner, says Quebec Solar President Bartek Wlodraczak.

Who is eligible?

Eligible homeowners in Canada regardless of where they live, can participate in the initiative. 

Eligible property types:

  • Single and semi-detached houses
  • Row housing
  • Townhomes
  • Cottages
  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
    • Permanently-moored floating homes
  • Mixed use buildings (residential portion only)
  • Small multi-unit residential building (three storeys or less with a footprint of 600m2 or less)

What should be your next steps?

  1. Contact and book your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation, click here.
  2. Apply directly on our website for a free preliminary solar assessment document.
  3. Receive your pre-retrofit evaluation.
  4. Install your Quebec Solar system.
  5. Upload all documents online.
  6. Book your post-retrofit evaluation and apply for reimbursement
  7. Receive your check by mail.

Further specific information can be found on the following links:

Nrcan main program link:

Eligibility link:

To obtain an APPOINTMENT in Quebec, residents should apply directly through Renoclimat program. It is crucial to do so asap as there are going to be huge delays:

Start your retrofit journey:

Solar eligibility criteria: