March 24, 2022
Solar panels with microgrid Varennes Qc

Microgird installation Varennes.

Installation by Quebec Solar Inc. in colaboration with Rematek Energy of a microgrid autonomous for the Polydôme. For the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the […]
July 21, 2022

107 KW Hybrid solar system with 90 kWh of backup storage.

Installation by Quebec Solar Inc. of a hybrid solar system. 107 KW of PV with 90 kWh of Lithium storage. Kirkland, Qc. Interested in hybrid backup […]
August 18, 2023
Solar car port Volvo

COMMERCIAL SOLAR IN QUEBEC | Quebec Solar + Volvo Park Avenue

This blog series highlights recent partnerships between Quebec Solar and visionary local businesses that have gone solar. Will your company be the next to benefit? Contact […]