Montréal school, The Priory installs solar panels.
June 3, 2017
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Guide to solar energy systems connected to Hydro Quebec grid.

1. Hydro Québec:

The following conditions are required in order to be eligible for net the metering program:

a) You are the owner of the house and as the owner you must occupy the premises.

b) You are a residential customer,  farmer (Rate D or DM, without billed power demand*) or a small-power business customer (Rate G, without billed power demand*). * Less than 50 kW.

2. City Permit:

a) Every borough/city has their own by-laws permitting solar installation.  We recommend to contact your city hall to find out if special permit is required.

b) In most cases installations can not be seen from the street level, which means they wont require an additional permit.

3. Your Residence:

a) If you own a condo, in most cases you will not be allowed to use a common roof space.

b) If you own a house, duplex, there are a few important characteristics to consider, such as;

  • Shading: there should be none or minimal shading, for example if your house is surrounded by tall trees it is most likely not suitable for solar power system.
  • Roof type: a flat roof is quite suitable for a solar installation and a pitched roof facing South also works. An East or West orientation is also feasible with a properly sized system.
  • Roof condition-roofs should be in a fairly good condition, if a roof needs to be repaired there is always the option to replace it and then proceed with an installation.

4. Incentives and tax credit in Québec for photovoltaic power systems:

Hydro-Québec allows generation equipment to be connected to the power system and surplus power to be injected onto their grid in exchange for kilowatt hour credits that are applied to your bill. With this program, you have access to the Hydro-Québec grid at all times for those occasions when self-generation does not meet your consumption needs.

For 2017 Revenue Québec has extended tax credit called “Renovert”. It allows Québec’s homeowners to receive a 20% tax credit tax to customers who meet their criteria. To find out more about this measure, please follow this link.

Please contact us if you have any addition questions.